5 Spring/Summer 21 Trends We Can't Wait to Wear

It feels like all of a sudden, Spring has happened. Making sure you're wearing waterproof everything no longer feels necessary and we can finally start to strip off some of the many, many layers we've been burying ourselves in.

We'd be lying if we said we haven't been eagerly anticipating this season's trends - Spring/Summer collections always bring the return of colour, print and joy in dressing that the neutral, textured and functional Winter styles just don't have. Thankfully, the S/S21 trends are all about bright pastels, novelty prints and dramatic details - our favourite.


Flamboyant Dresses

We're going right in at the deep end and celebrating the fact that, hopefully, the return to normality is in sight. Which means events. All the events that never got to happen, that have accumulated over the last year, and that are happening just for the sake of saying we can have them. To celebrate this return of occasions, dressers are going bigger, better and more over the top than ever before.

Make room for tulle, bright colours, oversized shapes and unique silhouettes. Whether you're a fan of something sharp and tailored or puffy and exaggerated, just make sure whatever you choose is over the top.

Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Dresses

Novelty Prints

The perfect antidote to the dreariness of the last year and a great Winter-to-Spring transition; it's time to embrace the novelty print. We know we mentioned it quite a lot, but we love a great printed piece. They can make the most basic item feel elevated and fashion forward, and no matter what anyone says, they can be truly timeless. This season's novelty prints come in the form of dresses, coats, trousers and blouses, and covers everything from fruit to starfish to animals - and we're not just talking about leopard print.

Whilst inherently kitschy, you can still make a novelty print look chic and classic - just mix it with more structured basics, or opt for a printed accessory, such as a handbag or scarf.


Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Novelty Prints

Bright Pastels

Every Spring we're excited about the return to colourful dressing. A/W trends are almost always centered around neutrals - beiges, blacks and navys - to reflect the colder, darker weather, but when Spring comes it injects a little more optimism and joy into our lives - and wardrobes. This S/S colour palette of choice is bright pastels - sorbet hues that bring a softer element of colour to most outfits. Opt for bubblegum pink, baby blue, lemon yellow, soft lilac or Gucci green - or a combination of them - to nail this season's colour trend.

Almost all of these can be toned down with neutral elements - think a beige trench over shocking pink dress or white jeans with a baby blue jacket, but if you're feeling brave (and we firmly encourage it) try mixing any of them together to get a street style-worthy look.


Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Bright Pastel Colours


It might automatically conjure images of Little House on the Prairie, but hear us out with this one. Cottagecore is essentially the method of combining country classics with a more every day urban style. This seasons favourites include floral cardigans (bonus points for matching knitted top underneath), tiered skirts and gingham. Nostalgia and comfort are at the forefront of this trend, and it's easy to nail with a simple tiered maxi skirt in a floral print and pair of Birkenstocks.

For the more hardcore trend followers, dust of your favourite raffia accessories and throw on a fruit print midi dress, or match your knitted sets with a vintage-striped pair of trousers.


Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Cottagecore


Puff Sleeves

Following on from the cottagecore trend, we're thrilled to announce that our preferred sleeve cut is going absolutely nowhere. Whether it's a unique detail on an otherwise basic t-shirt, or a full organza moment on an even more flamboyant dress, the puff sleeve is universally flattering and can show up in a variety of styles.  Since this trend has been around for a while now and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon, you can even pick up some reasonably priced second hand bargains on resale sites to continue your love of the puff sleeve.

For more subtlety, pick a blouse with a gently gathered sleeve, or if you're feeling the drama then go big with a fully rounded puff sleeved dress. Sheer organza can give a soft, romantic nod to it, whilst stiff cotton can give you more volume.


Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Puff Sleeves