Get Inspired by It's a Sin's 80s Aesthetic

It's a Sin is the latest TV hit to have us clamouring for a vintage inspired wardrobe, and luckily for us (and you) vintage fashion is what we do best. Channel 4's latest big hit gives a heartbreakingly accurate look at what life in 1980's London during the AIDS/HIV crisis was really like.

In between our bouts of hysterical crying (seriously, if you've watched it you'll understand), there was another thing that got our attention; the perfect 80s costumes created by Ian Fulcher. We'll be honest, the 80s isn't often our go-to decade for fashion inspiration - we will never forgive the neon leg warmer movement - but Fulcher did manage to get us to look at the 80s in a whole new way.


It's a Sin Ritchie on Stage


Men's tailoring obviously features very heavily throughout the series and serves as a visual synonym for the repressive struggles the characters go through as they find ways to become who they are. We love a chic tailoring moment, and over sized mens wear makes the perfect casual outfit for both work and date night.

Go casual with an oversized fit and plain t-shirt underneath, or get dressier with some heels and a more fitted silhouette. Whilst browns and tweeds were heavily represented on the show, we prefer to go for something a little more bright and colourful when it comes to an 80s power suit.

It's a Sin Neil Patrick Harris as Henry Coltrane, and Callum Scott Howells as Colin



If there's one thing we all associate with the 80s, it's bright colours.We might not be big on the whole neon/dayglow vibe, but we cannot get enough of a bold block colour. Thankfully, if there's one thing we do well, it's colour. To get the ultimate 80s look, don't just go for colour - go for an amazing and unique fabric, too. 

One of our fresh out the studio pieces is the Rebecca blouse in this glorious kingfisher blue, complete with 80s-esque pussy bow neckline and made from a metallic foil that could not be more perfect for a bold statement piece. If you're looking for the 80s colours without too much of an 80s vibe, try picking something more timeless like a midi slip skirt, but instead of a mute palette, opt for one in a bold colour instead.

***Insert Photos of Kingfisher Rebecca blouse and green Faith skirt***


Nothing says 80s more than denim - the decade's 'mom' jeans and oversized denim jackets were a defining point in fashion, and they're definitely one of the most wearable styling choices from the era. Pick jeans that are nipped in at the waist, then widen out across the hips and thighs, before tapering back to a narrower ankle. For denim shorts, try to pick some that have a tight waist band but oversized, baggy hems around the mid thigh - not only is this perfect for the era, but they're actually universally flattering.

We strongly suggest committing fully to the look and trying out some double denim - a denim shirt in a different shade to your jeans actually looks super chic, or a denim jacket with denim shorts is a less full on way of doing it. Just do us a favour and don't go full Justin and Britney 2001 AMAs. Please.     


1980s Fashion trend double denim         Justin Timberlake Britney Spears 2001 AMAs Double Denim Outfit


Nothing could round off your perfect 80s aesthetic better than a knitted tank top. While we might not be quite brave enough to pull off the fully transparent, extravagantly cut halter neck Roscoe Babatunde, played by Omari Douglas, wears, we do think our Olivia knitted vest in mustard will do just the trick. Keep it on it's own for an easy-wearing Spring/Summer staple, or layer it over a white shirt or polo neck for winter warmth. 

Roscoe Babatunde, played by Omari Douglas in It's a Sin
The 80s might not automatically scream "fashion icons" at us, but we can guarantee there's something for everyone from this decade of colour, drama and texture.