How to Get More Confident with Fashion


How to get more confident with fashion

Finding ways to give your style a little boost doesn't have to involve a buying a whole new wardrobe or completely changing your look. It can be as simple as being a little bit braver with your colour combinations, braving a print you've always shied away from, or wearing something typically evening-appropriate during the day.

Sometimes it can feel a bit daunting to mix up your sartorial choices and we tend to always fall back into the same habits and fashion choices that we always make because we know they make us feel safe and comfortable. But it's actually great to mix things up once in a while, otherwise you can end up feeling uninspired and in a rut, and changing things up can improve your mood and actually make you feel more confident.

So, how do you get more comfortable experimenting with fashion? And how exactly can you get more confident with your clothes? The easiest way is to literally just try something new. You don't even have to leave the house in it if you don't want to - you can spend a quiet Saturday playing around with outfit options, then just wear one in the house for the rest of the day. Whether it's a simple mix and match of colours, or you're going all out with some sequins, pottering around your home in something is truly the best way to get more comfortable with it. Snap some photos for IG if you fancy it (or make a reel of all the things you're trying!), or just keep it on to watch a film and order in. You'd be surprised how quickly you stop feeling self conscious or paying attention to what you've got on.

Playing around is half the fun, but if you're looking for a little help or some ideas to get you inspired, then look no further as we've put together some of our favourite ways of experimenting with fashion and making yourself feel more confident in what you wear.


How to Style Colours

Colours can be one of the easiest ways to give your style a fashion boost, but most people are afraid of trying them as it makes you stand out - especially if your go-to uniform is usually exclusively dark or neutral colours. If you're wary of straying too far from your usual style, try throwing a brightly coloured accessory into the mix. A vibrant handbag, belt or silk scarf can make all the difference to even the most average outfit and can give it a fresh twist. 

If you're feeling ready to incorporate more colours into your head to toe look, colour blocking is your new best friend. Mix and match contrasting colours for a truly statement piece, or stick to the same colour and play with different shades. Try a pair of fuchsia trousers paired with a baby pink blouse for a monochromatic look, or mixing bright orange with blue to get that bold contrast. Try to throw away everything you think you know about colour rules - the more unique the better!

 How to wear colourful clothes

How to Style Prints

Prints might put the fear of god into you when you think about wearing them, but trust us when we say; a good print can make an outfit. It doesn't matter whether you're going for a classic printed blouse, a subtle shoe, or an all out jumpsuit - prints can make an ordinary piece become extraordinary. With so many prints out there too, we absolutely refuse to believe that there's not at least one print or pattern that speaks to you. It might be a timeless leopard print, a more on-trend checkerboard, or a retro tartan - whatever it is, run with it. 

Treating a print like a neutral can help you create an utterly brilliant outfit. Think of leopard print the same as you would with a neutral basic, such as a white shirt - what would you wear with that? A black coat? A pink blazer? Some blue jeans? Then just wear exactly that outfit, but with a printed shirt.

You can create entire outfits around one print, or if you're feeling brave, mix and match different ones to get a truly stand out look. If you're unsure where to start with mixing prints, some of the basic rules to ease yourself into it are:

Mix prints of the same colour - Wearing blue polkadots with blue gingham, black and white tartan with a black and white stripe etc. will stop it looking too overwhelming and keep your outfit looking cohesive. To really mix and match, take something like a floral dress and pair it with a zebra print belt for a subtle clash, or fully commit to some abstract print jeans and a houndstooth top for the days you're feeling particularly bold.

 How to wear prints

How to Style Textures

Textured pieces are where you can really have fun with your outfit with minimal effort. Even the most subtle textured piece can elevate a look and make it look chicer and more put together, and they can help you subtly expand your fashion horizons without taking too much of a plunge. Leather trousers can toughen up a simple black trousers/white shirt combo, whilst choosing a feather top instead of a cotton one can make for the ultimate 'jeans and a nice top' failsafe.

One of the best textures you can use to give you wardrobe a boost is sequins. Most people think sequins can only be worn in the evening, but there are reams of street style stars who have proved that an amazing sequin piece, like a midi skirt can go perfectly with some trainers and a white t shirt for the easiest no-effort outfit that looks like you've got your shit together.

 How to wear different texture

Fashion is always supposed to be fun and an easy way of expressing yourself each day. Enjoy the process of experimenting and playing around, try something you would never have put together before and let yourself just enjoy wearing something outlandish and fun for the sake of it. Start small and work your way up to the bolder pieces if you're not sure, and play with accessories first if you're not feeling very confident. If you're prepared to just jump straight into the deep end, go through your wardrobe and find those pieces you don't wear very often and grab 3 or 4 random things from your wardrobe, whether you think they'll work or not, and just try them! You'll end up discovering something you never would have dreamed of wearing before.