How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Three things are certain in springtime: rain showers, freshly blooming flowers, and the urge to get cleaning. In our last blog post, we talked about organising your wardrobe to help you style the clothes you already own, and the start of a new season is the perfect time for a clear-out. So, where do you begin? After all, tidying your wardrobe can seem like an insurmountable task — especially if it’s been a while since you saw the bottom of your drawers, and even longer since you had a free hanger. This step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your wardrobe is filled with prompts, tips and ideas that’ll have your clothing collection decluttered and detoxed in no time. 


Empty Those Drawers

First things first, get yourself a drink (water for hydration, or something stronger if you want to turn this into a spring cleaning party) and put a playlist on. Wardrobe organisation requires a clear, positive mindset, so making it into a fun activity is half the battle won. Now, this kind of tidying always starts with making a mess, so empty all your clothes into a big open space on your floor. Whether you’re working through your wardrobe section by section or all at once, it’s really helpful to see everything in front of you (and there’s no harsher reality check than seeing every garment you own in one big pile — yikes).


Get Sorting

Now your wardrobe is empty, how do you commence the clear out? Well, the pile method is a classic for a reason. Create a clear ‘keep’ area for non-negotiables; staples, investment pieces and timeless favourites will go here. Then separate out your ‘keep, but put in storage’ items — this is for the chunky knits and summer dresses that you rotate seasonally, we’ll come back to these later. Your ‘get rid’ pile is self-explanatory, but don’t throw anything away! There are plenty of eco-conscious ways to move on your unwanted clothes: sell them, donate them to friends or a charity shop, keep them for scrap fabric or repurpose them into household cloths. 

There’s bound to be a few items you get stuck on, especially if you’re sentimental. Here’s some things to think about when you’re on the fence:

  • Does it make you feel good? This is an obvious starting point — your clothes should spark joy, inspire you, and make you feel like your best self. Don’t hang onto things that knock your confidence, or don’t suit your current tastes. 
  • Does it fit? Know your size! You deserve clothes that fit your body now, not ‘goal’ garments that fit an aspirational figure. 
  • When was the last time you wore this? Be realistic about how often you reach for things. It’s fine if certain items are out-of-season, but if you don’t remember styling something within the last year or so, it might be time to find it a loving new home. 
  • Will it age well? Think about the reasons why you bought it. Did you fall victim to micro-trend hype? Or maybe it fits your old aesthetic? (We all still have things from the twee and indie sleaze days!) If you don’t think you can confidently style something in the near future, let it go. 
  • Is it versatile? It’s always best to prioritise often-worn and easily styled pieces. Try not to fill your rail with tops that can only be styled with one pair of trousers, or occasion dresses you’ll need once in a blue moon. 
  • Is it still wearable? Don’t get us wrong, we love comfy clothes — there’s nothing snugglier than a lived-in sweater, tbh — but we’d avoid hoarding moth-eaten tees and stained joggers and calling them pyjamas. Turn them into cleaning rags or scrap fabric for crafting instead! 

  • Spring cleaning is a great time to play dress-up with your wardrobe, too. Try things on and experiment with new outfit combinations to help you make your decisions — you might end up finding some new favourites!

    How To Store Your Clothes

    So, you’ve decided what to keep in your wardrobe — let’s talk storage. How you organise your wardrobe depends entirely on what you’re already working with. If you use drawers, optimise your space and make sure you can see everything by mastering Marie Kondo’s folding technique. If your rail space is at a premium, try using hooks to double up the items on each hanger. Canvas hampers aren’t just great for laundry, you can use them as a breathable, minimal storage box for clean clothes, too. And remember those seasonal items you sorted out earlier? Vacuum bags will allow you to keep them tidied away flat ready for next year. 

    Now the spring cleaning is done and you’ve freed up some space, you’re ready to add some new pieces — floral blouses and patterned skirts make great additions for the new season.