How to Style a Scrunchie

How to style a scrunchie

Fashion is currently having a big 00s revival this S/S21, with everything from bucket hats to Juicy Couture tracksuits making a comeback. Even if you're not feeling the outfit vibes, one way to embrace the trend is with hair accessories. They're easy to style and not too hard on your bank balance, and they let you play with a trend without committing to a full look. Alongside the hair jewellery and butterfly clips (yes, really), one of the 00s favourite hair accessories is here to stay - the scrunchie.

Scrunchies are one of the easiest things to style - you can wear them with almost any hair style, and you can embrace every colour, print and fabric you want. Have a tough, edgier style? Leather scrunchies are for you. Love feminine and floaty dresses? Smaller broderie anglais scrunchies in pastel colours are your new best friend. Playful and colourful aesthetic? Go for bold prints and colours. Minimalist chic more your thing? A white satin scrunchie will never let you down.

 00s scrunchie trend

So, now you know what type you want, how do you actually style a scrunchie?


In Your Hair

This might seem like an no brainer, but they can elevate even the most simple hair style into something put-together and playful. Try a high slicked back ponytail then add a scrunchie over the top of your bobble so it keeps its ruffled look. The juxtaposition of a sleek hair style with a colourful overszied scrunchie makes you look like you've put in maximum effort in no time at all. You can also perfect the messy bun by popping a neutral or satin scrunchie over it to give a more luxurious styling twist.

How to wear a scrunchie


For smaller scrunchies, try using them at the end of plaits, with space buns, or down a bubble ponytail instead of using regular hair bobbles. If you have a more oversized one, you can wrap it twice to give it more volume, or keep it oversized and floppier for the perfect Summer picnic accessory. If you always feel like you're trying too hard to look young with a scrunchie, make sure you avoid high ponytails or braids and instead go for a chicer style such as a slick low ponytail or a messy bun to avoid toddler vibes. They work on all hair textures and lengths too, so whether you have big beachy waves, tight afro curls or poker straight locks, a scrunchie will spice up your hair style.

As the weather is getting hotter (please don't jinx it) we're all just desperately trying to come up with inventive new ways to keep our hair off our faces and avod the dreaded back-of-the-neck-sweat, so it's the perfect time to experiment with this easy-to-wear accessory. What's more, if you buy ones in a silk or satin they're actually excellent at helping protect your hair from breakage as they glide right off your hair and don't snag it the way a typical hair bobble does. You can even sleep with them in, and they keep your hair from catching on your pillows when you move around - perfect for avoiding that morning frizz.

How to wear a scrunchie

As an Accessory

Ever versatile, the humble scrunchie can do much more than just zhuzh up your hair - it can also be worn as an accessory in its own right. One of the current biggest trends is wearing it on your wrist as a fun, easy to wear (and handy to have) bracelet. You can mix and match them so the colours compliment your outfit, or keep it tonal and pick one in the same shade as the rest of your look. They're lso a great way for experimenting with things like prints and bold colours when you're not quite ready to take the plunge into dressing with them.

How to wear a scrunchie bracelet

Call us crazy, but we also reckon they make pretty cute anklets. Try one with some chunky sandals for playing with hard and soft textures, or slide one over the top of the cuff of your sock to create your own frilly socks that nail cottagecore styling or go great with loafers. You can even add them to the top of your boots as a way of upcycling them without the commitment.

 Use scrunchies to make frilly socks

You know we love finding new things to do with our leftover fabric remenants when we make our clothes, which is why we've started creating our very own scrunchies. We've got every colour, print and fabric imaginable, so whichever way you decide to style it, make sure you tag us on Instagram!