Our Top 10 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

You've probably heard it a hundred times before, but underwear really is the foundation to every great outfit. If your underwear isn't right, it can throw off your entire look and leave you feeling uncomfortable, irritated, and self-conscious. There's nothing worse than spending your day, or night, constantly tugging at underwiring, hoisting up bra straps and readjusting your waistband, and it usually means that after one trip out they'll be relegated to the back of the drawers never to be worn again.

 Sororité Vintage Luxury Lingerie Pieces



When it comes to buying new lingerie, Valentine's Day is one of the main days of the year that people stock up for - although we firmly believe you should be buying underwear to make yourself feel amazing, not for other people. Unfortunately, if you're buying underwear that doesn't fit properly and will only be worn once, it can also be incredibly unsustainable and bad for the planet. Finding sustainable, ethically made lingerie is always trickier than finding environmentally-friendly clothing, and vintage lingerie pieces tend to be thin on the ground as well as not being very size-inclusive. It also doesn't help that most of us imagine comfortable, sensible cotton sets, rather than beautiful, colourful pieces when we think of sustainable lingerie.

So, we wanted to give you the rundown on some of our favourite sustainable lingerie brands that are kind to the environment, so you can feel like your best self with a clean conscience.




Posie's lingerie is created right here in the UK, using sustainable fabrics where possible and drawing their design inspiration from nature to create beautiful, feminine pieces that have the planet at the forefront of their message.

Image from Posie's Instagram page of their lingerie set



Lara Intimates


Pegged as one of the world's most inclusive range of bras, Lara Intimates loves headstock fabrics as much as we do. Each piece is created using deadstock material, and they operate with a strict zero waste policy when it comes to creating their lingerie pieces. Even their hardware and elastics are responsibly sourced from their local suppliers, and it's all created in their female-only seamstresses in London.

Lara Intimates lingerie range



 Bum-Cake Vintage


One for our American readers! Bum-Cake Vintage was created in Brooklyn, NY, and has sourced some of the most beautiful true vintage lingerie pieces around. They even sell sustainable homeware and other products which were created by women, for women.

Bum-Cake Vintage lingerie


Ayten Gasson


Each item is created in their Brighton boutique using upcycled, vintage-sourced lace, and they support local printers and mills to create beautiful silk lingerie that is ethically made and sustainably sourced. What's more, they even offer a bespoke service, so you can create your very own unique piece of lingerie.

Ayten Gasson silk bra


Buttress and Snatch


Each piece of Buttress and Snatch lingerie is custom made to order from their studio in Hackney, London, to ensure there is no unnecessary waste and that each of their pieces is created fairly and ethically. Creating lingerie since 1999, they've provided support (in the form of beautiful bras) for everyone from Madonna to Kate Moss to Marilyn Monroe's waxwork, so you know you're in good hands - or cups.

Buttress and Snatch sustainable lingerie set




Miss Vivienne


Each piece of Miss Vivienne's lingerie is made to order by hand in Scotland to ensure there is never a surplus of stock going to waste. For any fabrics left over, they go on to create limited runs of speciality items, meaning they never have to throw anything away. They even source all of their fabrics and laces from local haberdasheries in the Scottish Borders to reduce carbon emissions.

Miss Vivienne Hand Made Lingerie




Studio Pia


Studio Pia's lingerie is the perfect mix of delicate and sexy, and they've managed to do it all without sacrificing their ethical ethos. With everything from adjustable sizing to designing their own tulle to minimise waste, they've made sure that every step of their design and creation process is as sustainable as possible. They've even ensured their silk is made from GOTS certified peace silk, which is a type of real silk created without the killing of silkworms, and by using headstock fabric where possible.

Studio Pia Wildflowers Collection



Sororité Vintage


Offering one of a kind luxury, sustainable and vintage lingerie, Sororité Vintage is the one-stop shop to enjoy high end, luxurious underwear whilst sticking to your sustainability promise. Each of their items is either true vintage or reworked vintage pieces, and apart from their beautiful lingerie, they also offer reworked shoes, bags, accessories and even bridal pieces.

Sororite Vintage Lingerie Pieces




Uye Surana


NY based lingerie brand Uye Surana created modern pieces that are colourful and feminine, and what's more, each piece is either made in their own NY studio, or a small family-run factory in Columbia that they've partnered with to ensure they know who all of their workers are. Each of their printed pieces is created with a no-water printing technique to minimise environmental impacts, and they only create small batches of each style to ensure there's no left over pieces at the end. 

Uye Surana Lingerie




Olly Lingerie


Made using GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled lace to ensure each of their pieces is kind to the planet, Olly Lingerie has created the perfect balance of ethical everyday basics and sustainable special occasion pieces. They also avoid running sales to discourage overconsumption, and run their shipping and distribution through Marguerite, which encourages employee rehabilitation - truly ethical through and through!


Olly Lingerie Underwear