Regency Dressing Might Just be the Next Big Trend

Thanks to Netflix’s latest big hit Bridgerton, we’re currently coveting all things Regency-era. However, when it comes to the era’s fashion, it’s not immediately obvious how we can draw fashion inspiration for our day-to-day with it... but trust us – we can.


The Regency era spans the early 1800s, when King George III was deemed unfit to rule so his son, the Prince of Wales, took control of England. Sandwiched between the French Revolution and the reign of Queen Victoria, this was a huge cultural shift for the country – not to mention the fashion and style.

Women moved away from dramatic hooped skirts and trains and instead started wearing cropped dresses that were easy to wash, and allowed them to show off more of their personality. Whilst the size of their dresses was dwindling, it opened up a whole new world for trims, details and accessories.

There’s plenty we can take from this style of dressing without going for a full gown (although we’re never ones to discourage overdressing). The overall shape of Regency era dresses remains instantly recognisable, with square necklines and a particular favouring of empire waisted fits and puff sleeves, which can be an easy and flattering look to pull off for day to day dressing.

Another firm favourite of the Regency era’s styling was a heavy importance on trims. Since their dresses were becoming simpler in terms of design and shape, this is the easiest way to nod to Bridgerton’s trends.

Simply adding a frill-trimmed collar to a classic jumper, or opting for a dress with elaborate details to the neckline or cuffs gives you a wearable look that Daphne Bridgerton would be proud of. Opting for a print keeps the look classic and Regency inspired, whilst upping your details with gilded buttons refers to the richness of the era. Our floral Anna blouse lets you go all out with big puff sleeves and statement gold and pink buttons as the perfect modern nod to the trend.

Lighter colours might have been historically favoured, but Bridgerton showed us just how to do it with plenty of colour and print instead, so you don't have to forgo your favourite pieces to emulate the Regency style.

Colour blocking and sticking to one palette lets you play up the detailed aspect of your outfit, giving your details and accessories room to shine. Regency has been inspiring plenty of big designers for years, and has given us everything from sequin embellished Halpern bustiers to Erdem Toile de Jouy silk-voile gowns, showing the perfect way to play with the prints and patterns of the era in a modern way.

Even the way texture of your fabric plays a big part in emulating the Regency style; quilting heavier materials such as cotton gives structure and shape, whilst choosing floatier material with movement for skirts lets you refer to the era without compromising on a modern print or colour.



Combining vintage styles with modern trends is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your look without having to have a complete wardrobe overhaul - we guarantee you've got something in your closet that works perfectly to let you experiment with this style - but if not, we've got plenty of genuine vintage pieces and fresh modern styles created with vintage dead stock fabric to help you achieve the perfect Bridgerton-friendly look.

Words by Faith Richardson