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Get Inspired by It's a Sin's 80s Aesthetic

It's a Sin is the latest TV hit to have us clamouring for a vintage inspired wardrobe, and luckily for us (and you) vintage fashion is what we do best. Channel 4's latest big hit gives a heartbreakingly accurate look at what life in 1980's London during the AIDS/HIV crisis was really like.

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Meet the Team: Anna B!

We spoke to Anna Breward, a student at De Montfort University who is currently on placement with Studio Courtenay about her process and design inspiration - as well as how she is getting on in our small team! You can shop the range of designs she's exclusively created for us here. What draws you to the fashion industry? To me fashion and clothing is a platform which allows me to share my views and opinions with the world. Whether you like it or not everyone wears clothing and makes a decision everyday about what they wear. We need to be more decisive with these decisions and create less of an impact on the planet. I believe with fashion, the beauty...

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