The Power of Colourful Dressing

Rainbow Outfits

Ever wondered why wearing certain colours can have you feeling some type of way, or why it is that we associate black with tortured artists and red with sex? We're a huge fan of colour, and we want to give you a little look into what shade can flip your mood from anxious to energetic, or which colours you should wear to nail that meeting - consider this your sign to start getting brave with colours.


Throughout history, fashion has relied heavily on colour to make a statement and reflect the mood of the time. Whether it's the royal purples donned by Byzantine era's royal families, or the colour black going from funeral attire to chic cocktail hour at the hands of Chanel, the way we use colour to express ourselves through fashion is constantly changing, and everything from cultural impacts to political stances can direct a colour trend and turn a hue from everyday into something significant.



To signify solidarity with the #TimesUp movement in 2018, female actors exclusively wore black to the 75th Golden Globes, an event where softer and more typically feminine colours would be worn. It is also a colour associated with both creativity and chicness - the iconic Chanel little black dress, Audrey Hepburn's famous Givenchy gown in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the rise of the 'tortured artist' uniform of black turtle necks (we're looking at you, Warhol) made it a staple of every fashionable wardrobe.

Wear it if you want to feel: Sophisticated, chic, dramatic, effortless, elegant, sensual, powerful, formal

 Black Outfits


White was historically a symbol of purity and virginity, until Marilyn Monroe wore that dress and turned it into a colour of femininity and flirtatiousness. White is also calming and has connotations of freshness. The 90s claimed white as the benchmark of easy minimalism and gave rise to the effortlessly oversized white shirt and the ivory slip dress - clearly only to be worn by someone sophisticated enough not to spill on themselves at any given moment.

Wear it if you want to feel: Fresh, sophisticated, clean, minimal, feminine, ethereal, soft, flirty, energetic, clear

 White Outfits


There's a reason we associate red with sex, and that's because it has proven abilities to elevate the heart rate and raise libido. Valentines, love, romance and sensuality are all associated with this shade, and it's no mistake that some of fashion's powerhouses have relied heavily on their signature reds throughout history. From Louboutin's fire engine red soles to Valentino's utterly iconic red branding and Dior's staple red lipstick, red has become a symbol of feminine power and confidence. 

Wear it if you want to feel: Sexy, confident, bold, energised, lustful, powerful, feminine, in charge, sensual, courageous

 Red Outfits


Whilst pink became synonymous with young girls and everything girly over the last century, fashion has since reclaimed it as their own. Pink became something that wasn't to be taken seriously, until fashion got in on the joke, and made it one of the most iconic colours of all time. The 90s saw Courtney Love take soft and sweet baby pink dresses and make them edgy, whilst Millennial Pink became one of the most popular colours of all time in the late 2010s. Pink also became very political colour - from Jackie O's notorious pink Chanel suit that she wore during JFK's assassination, to the pussy hats worn during the women's marches of 2017, there have been major political moments marked by the colour pink. One of the most unique things about pink is that different shades have different impacts on how you feel. a fuchsia can make you feel bold and powerful, whilst a candy hue can make you feel feminine and soft.

Wear it if you want to feel: Flirty, feminine, soft, powerful, strong, prim, friendly, peaceful, sweet, calm, kind, creative, joyful, vibrant

 Pink Outfits


The signature shade of luxury brand Hermes, orange doesn't get as much of a sartorial look in as it should. Despite pairing effortlessly with almost every other colour, orange is a relatively 'young' colour, and was only identified in the 16th century. Many brands, such as Jil Sander, have used orange as a joyful exclamation point in their collections, whilst others have muted the tone, with bohemians using it as a nod to more exotic far Eastern landscapes.

Wear it if you want to feel: Bold, joyful, confident, vibrant, brave, sociable, successful, enthusiastic, excited, warm

 Orange Outfits


 Yellow is a colour used when you want to grab someone's attention. In nature it signifies danger (we've all done the duck and cover as soon as we've spotted a bright yellow wasp heading our way), and it's used on cabs, signs and posters thanks to it's ability to turn heads. It's a shade that can make you feel more alert, improve your concentration and give you a much needed mood boost, making it the perfect colour to wear for work or when you need a little pick me up, and it's also a natural way of stimulating the nervous system - which we know doesn't sound all that sexy, but it does help improve your memory and make you feel more energetic. Spring 2020's fashion week put the yellow dress front and centre, and Gen Z yellow became the new millennial pink of the next, more hopeful, generation thanks to it's easy optimistic and cheerful vibes.

Wear it if you want to feel: Happy, sunny, optimistic, energetic, rebellious, forceful, powerful, bold, creative, cheerful, successful, excited, alert

 Yellow Outfits


When you think of green, your mind tends to naturally head straight to nature which makes it the ideal colour if you want to feel calm and grounded. It's been proven that green can actually exude a calming quality, and is often used to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety - perfect for days when you're overwhelmed, stressed or have a big event happening. We usually associate green with money thanks to the iconography of the American dollar, and in the middle ages it was worn by gentry and bankers as a symbol of their wealth. As well as associating it with wealth and prosperity, green is also often the shade we link to being lucky (thanks, Ireland) so you can catch us in our favourite green ensemble putting the lottery on next week.

Wear it if you want to feel: Fresh, grounded, healed, emotional, nurturing, prosperous, renewed, restful, lively, optimistic, refreshed, calm, soothed

 Green Outfits


Blue, like pink, has the power to change it's mood and vibe depending on what shade it is. Blue often sparks feelings of loyalty and trust - which is why people recommend you wear it to interviews and important meetings - and is often worn by people in positions of power, such as the navy, politicians and police officers around the world. It's also universally recognised as being one of the most calming colours out there, sparking mental pictures of the ocean, clear skies and running water, and is the perfect sartorial choice for days when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Wear it if you want to feel: Calm, loyal, regal, peaceful, relaxed, competent, healing, reflective, successful, physical, trusting, secure, centred, serene

 Blue Outfits


 Associated with royalty and wealth, purple is the go-to colour for when you're wanting to feel a little bit luxurious in your day to day life. Famously worn by royal families throughout the centuries, it was a notoriously tricky colour to create making purple clothing one of the ultimate indicators of wealth. Purple has even been proven to calm your nervous system and encourage problem solving and creativity, and yet is rarely a colour associated with workwear - something we highly recommend changing. Paler shades, like lilac and lavender, are often found in most Spring/Summer catwalks as they make us feel soft, romantic and powerful in equal measure.

Wear it if you want to feel: Regal, luxurious, calm, ambitious, spiritual, inspired, intuitive, mysterious, creative, loyal, soothing, wealthy, luxurious, romantic

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