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Our Top 10 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

You've probably heard it a hundred times before, but underwear really is the foundation to every great outfit. If your underwear isn't right, it can throw off your entire look and leave you feeling uncomfortable, irritated, and self-conscious. There's nothing worse than spending your day, or night, constantly tugging at underwiring, hoisting up bra straps and readjusting your waistband, and it usually means that after one trip out they'll be relegated to the back of the drawers never to be worn again.       When it comes to buying new lingerie, Valentine's Day is one of the main days of the year that people stock up for - although we firmly believe you should be buying underwear to make...

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Get Inspired by It's a Sin's 80s Aesthetic

It's a Sin is the latest TV hit to have us clamouring for a vintage inspired wardrobe, and luckily for us (and you) vintage fashion is what we do best. Channel 4's latest big hit gives a heartbreakingly accurate look at what life in 1980's London during the AIDS/HIV crisis was really like.

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Making the Most of Your Loungewear

With the end of lockdown nowhere in sight, we're starting to get a lot more comfortable with the fact we'll be staying in our loungewear for the foreseeable. In 2020, loungewear sales increased by a massive 49% and thanks to the seemingly never-ending pandemic, we don't think that'll be going back down any time soon.   Buying something pretty and comfortable to wear at home is the perfect treat to yourself, but in order to keep it sustainable you need to bump up your cost per wear and reinvent the ways you can wear your loungewear outside. Opportunities to wear them outdoors might be thin on the ground at the moment, but that doesn't mean once we can get out and about that your loungewear...

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Meet the Team: Tereza!

We speak to Tereza H, who keeps us on the straight and narrow when it comes to all things SEO, strategy and data! Hi Tereza, where are you from and what do you study? Hi! I am from the Czech republic, but I have been studying at Northumbria University here in Newcastle since 2017, with the exception of study abroad semester in Sweden and my placement year. I study Business with Marketing Management and am currently in my final year after I did my business placement in the Czech republic and Denmark. How did you first become interested in business and entrepreneurship? I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue up until I was at high school, but...

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