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Our Sustainability Self Audit

Sustainability is a huge topic and although it is a term that is bandied around quite a lot, the various branches and nuances of what 'sustainable practice' means, particularly in the fashion industry, are more complex than they may at first appear. Louisa, our director, has been attending a Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership course to learn more about the topic from an academic and industry perspective and has done a mini sustainability audit for Studio Courtenay using what she's worked out from her first week of lessons and workshops. Operational Challenges Harmful fabric Usage How are we doing? 4/10 We need to cut down on the virgin raw materials we use and find a way to source more deadstock...

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Meet the Team: Anna B!

We spoke to Anna Breward, a student at De Montfort University who is currently on placement with Studio Courtenay about her process and design inspiration - as well as how she is getting on in our small team! You can shop the range of designs she's exclusively created for us here. What draws you to the fashion industry? To me fashion and clothing is a platform which allows me to share my views and opinions with the world. Whether you like it or not everyone wears clothing and makes a decision everyday about what they wear. We need to be more decisive with these decisions and create less of an impact on the planet. I believe with fashion, the beauty...

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