About Studio Courtenay

Studio Courtenay is a sustainable British-made fashion & homeware brand that was founded by Louisa Rogers, a fashion lecturer who wanted to shop more ethically, but not surrender to a sea of hemp! 

Studio Courtenay combines maximalism, vintage-inspired silhouettes and eclectic design flourishes to create responsibly-made pieces that don't sacrifice style for sustainability. 

We only use deadstock fabrics (that means fabrics that have been sitting around unloved in warehouses, on factory floors, or tucked away in seamstress' storage cupboards!) to create our pieces, which means that we aren't contributing to the harmful effects of producing virgin raw materials. 

We are inspired by our sister brand, Trendlistr Vintage, to choose silhouettes inspired by vintage, and update them for modern wear by making design tweaks and creating accessible sizing options. 

Everything is made in the UK in small clothing studios, and most of our garments are made-to-order to ensure minimal textile waste. From the fabric offcuts we do produce, we create gifts and accessories like scrunchies and hairbands. So every piece gets to live out its full 9 lives!

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